Mª Begoña López Ferrer  •  blf@componentesyunidades.com

Building cheaper and faster is possible. Put your trust in people who know how.

At Componentes we use Product/Process Engineering to design, optimise manufacturing and assembly, and oversee and manage building projects effectively and efficiently, to the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Productivity: the key to success.

Industrialisation allows us to remain competitive through the design of open components, and the transition to industrial production lines that improve productivity.

How we do it

We optimise processes using industrialisation

We define the construction system and the open component platform suitable for each project.

The components are manufactured in series in existing industrial plants in the sector.

The assembly of components is carried out effectively and efficiently on site, using process engineering that has been optimised to the millimetre.

We help to reduce costs and deadlines, while raising projects’ quality and sustainability levels.

When almost anything is possible, it is necessary to make it more reasonable.

Turnkey projects

Construction via assembly in 5 phases

Process-product engineering





Construction via assembly in 5 phases